Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Books, birthdays and picnics

That was a quick week, I've gained a year since I was last here.
Time flies fast and I got a new watch off the lovely hubby for my birthday.
One that I don't need my glasses on to see.


On my desk I've been making little pockets for the books that mean a lot to me 
and/or are very old and need a bit of protection

I've handstitched the title of the book on the front

I'm going to be standing them up on some display shelves once the wandering welder gets home and puts them up.  Apparently I am not to be trusted with a drill.

Having them covered is also very useful for taking them with me when I'm out in the countryside having a picnic, with my parasol over my head to keep the sun off,  sitting on a travel rug eating cucumber sandwiches and little fancy cakes. On the best china of course and using damask napkins.

And if you believe that you don't live in wet and windy North West England
This is the hanging I was working on last week

Time for a bit of desk hopping over at Julia's place

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Jellies, flowers and summer

Did someone mention summer and flowers

I've got the flowers, birthday ones on Sunday.

The rest are either on blouses, bags or brooches.

I'm still waiting for summer (yawn).
 I love wearing jelly shoes, they are great even if its raining.

31                        62

Last week I was reminded of this photo taken when I was exactly half the age I am now.
Isnt the human body amazing.  If I had been a car I would be on the scrapheap by now.
Or maybe not I could be a classic vintage haha.

Thanks for dropping by
Lynn x

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fiffing and faffing

Keep calm, don't let the rotten weather get to you


or the fact that the lovely ceramic brooch my sister gave me has snapped again and is really not safe to wear

I thought Hmm ! what can I do with it then. 
So going back to my project "This Hour Of Mine" by The Linen Garden

I came up with the idea of making a wallhanging.
 I fiffed and faffed about with a bit of freestyle machine embroidery

added some handstitching and

that's as far as I've got.  You'll just have to wait while next week the end result.

See you over at Julia's place for a bit of desk hopping

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I feel like a fella

What I mean is 

I've never worn trousers so much in my life

as I have this year

Will someone tell the weatherman that I've got nice summer frocks

hanging in my wardrobe waiting to be worn.

At this rate I will be putting a vest on

Come on Mr Sunshine put in an appearance
we only get one heating allowance in this house.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

ON MY DESK - Crazy paving ribbon

Come in and have a look what I've been upto since last week

It's craving paving ribbon.  I got a kit from Vicky at 

I wrapped a plant pot with it

Made a strip in pinks

Made a heart (its stitched onto card)

It's become an obsession.  Don't sit still or you might get wrapped in crazy paving ribbon

That's all folks.  See you next week.
I'm off for a look round the inspiring desks over at Julia's place


Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Have you heard the phrase "cost per outing" ?

It relates to value you for money when you buy something

and how many times and ways its been worn

Well what about my orange cardigan

Do you think it was value for money

It cost me all of £2.50

haha haha haha