Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What's on my work desk

Not exactly on my desk more on the garden bench. 
The sun came out so I made the most of it and took my knitting outside.  
It's the last bit of the waistcoast that's been going on for a while.

I've also potted up this little button handbag I found in the charity shop.

Something else I been doing is going through my vinyl collection which 
started at the age of 10 in 1965.  
Junior Walker & The All Stars - "How Sweet It is (to be loved by you)"  was my first purchase bought from Bradleys Record Shop in Rochdale, Lancashire.  My full collection is in the main soul music with lots of American Imports. I think I paid five shilling for the first one.

I'll leave you with my Aldi metal flowers. They are going in the garden 
among the white bluebells that havent quite flowered yet.

Don't forget to have a look what the real crafters have 
been upto this last week over at Julia's place

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lovely presents and bargain outfits

Even though the weather is still iffy and 
I've not put my woolly tights away yet, the frocks 
are getting more flowery by the minute.
This one came from the charity shop, it still had its retail shop
label on. Its beautifully made and has a sticky out petticoat underneath.
Would you believe I paid £4.50 for it.

The brooch came from Ruth Hogan, author of 
 THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS.  She found it on a car park
and knew I would wear it.
I'm not just saying this but Ruth's first novel has been my best read
so far this year and I'm hoping they make it into a film.

I wore the jacket (£8 and a favourite of mine) 
with this snazzy retro skirt I've had a while, teamed up with my white jumper 
from friend Vix of Kinky Melon Retro Boutique

The scarf is from an Instagram friend who I sent a brooch to and the mermaid 
brooch is by textile artist Lainey Whitworth.  I love the quirkiness of her pieces.


This gorgeous curtain fabric skirt with it handstitching
came from another Instagram friend who was having a destash.
I've added charity shop Laura Ashley velvet jacket, old Boden lace top,
Clarks brogues and some very loud coloured tights

My lovely friend Tracy who lives between the UK and Ghana
brought me this gorgeous basket on her recent trip home.
This is smaller than my other one which is on the floor next to my seat in the 
living room and has books, knitting, magazines and a few toffee wrappers in it.

Internet friends are the best
and I have some lovely ones
Lynn xxx

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What's on my workdesk ..........

Well first up while I get my thinking cap on
did you enjoy the Easter break ?

If I'd thought sooner I could have shown you these
polystyrene easter eggs I made a couple of years ago.
Very easy to do all you need is the egg, buttons, pins and 
ribbon and away you go.  Sticking pins in is very rewarding
if you've something on your mind.

Next up did you manage to catch my upcycled chair on
Sarah Moores "Money For Nothing" programme.
If you didn't here's the blog post I wrote about it.

The little memory stories continue in the old autograph book
I picked up in a local charity shop. I'm jotting down reminder notes as 
I go along then transferring and expanding on them in the book 
and adding old family photos

Here's an extract from one of my stories............

Nana and Grandad's house was very neat, they had good furniture and 
a lovely garden.
Nana had a dressing table in her bedroom with a big mirror and drawers.
She had fancy hairbrushes and a hand mirror, a glass dish for her trinkets, 
and lace mats.  Things that I see now when I go to vintage fairs. 
 I have some of her beautiful furniture in my living room.
Uncle Geoff had a violin which fascinated me..........

That's all folks from me until next time.
Don't forget to have a look what's going on 
over at Julia's place and all the lovely craft desks there

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Fashion On The Ration

The latest issue of Reclaim magazine fell on the mat this weekend
and we discovered that at the Imperial War Museum in Salford, Manchester
there is an exhibition on until 1st May about fashion during World War Two.

No rationing in my wardrobe so I chose a vintage
overall to wear for our trip out.

I don't think I looked to shabby and in fact we were the only
people there to have made an effort to dress for the occasion.


Taking photographs wasn't brilliant as the lighting was very low to protect
the fabulous fabrics and exhibits

It would appear that most women enjoyed the utilitarian clothes 
issued at the time as the quality was very good and although trousers were
frowned upon and said to be peculiar for a woman to wear, it was in fact
the start of things to come and very necessary then as women were
doing the work of the men in factories and on farms etc.

If you get a chance to see this exhibition go, its a real eye opener
as to what women wore, how and what the clothes were made from.
How they saved on materials by not allowing turn ups on mens trousers, 
only allowing a certain amount of pleats in garments and what went 
on with the black market and clothes coupons.  

If you can't get to see it, I would recomend this fab little book by 
Jean Shrimpton on the subject.  Its a quick read with lots of illustrations
and pictures. 

I looked at the official Fashion On The Ration book while we were
at the museum but I found it rather wordy and long with no pictures.

Can't go without showing you Mr Dapper Chap's outfit 
for the occasion can I.

One snippet I found fascinating was that women were allowed to carry white
handbags and were white accessories like a corsage so that they could be 
seen in the black outs.

Friday, 14 April 2017

My Money For Nothing Chair

 Did you catch the MONEY FOR NOTHING programme
on BBC 1 at 3.45pm on Thursday ?

The presenter Sarah Moore who is a designer/maker/writer

visits council tips and grabs things out of peoples cars that 
she thinks can be upcycled into something new.

She rescued this chair and footstool from Witley Council Tip.

 Using a charity shop find tweed coat along with other fabric pieces 
from her vast stash of cloth Sarah

upcycled it into this beauty which now lives cosily in our kitchen.
Can you see the coat sleeves at the front and the pocket on the side.
It even has the coat button holes, they run down side as well.

After deducting the cost of materials the profit of the sale was
given to the man who was putting the chair in the skip in the first place.

Everyone is happy and its a great piece of recycling.
Where else would we have got such a great chair for £220.

It is such a talking piece and I was mega excited watching the programme.
The pictures are what I took with my iphone while watching.

And no I don't keep the remote in the pocket on the side of the chair.
I stash bars of chocolate in it.  haha.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Well I went off to Craft group last week with the intentions of 
doing a bit more on the waistcoat I'm knitting. 
Not much got done and its not been picked up since.

That's because look what's at the back of the sofa 
and has distracted me from the knitting.
(You will never see this room this tidy again)

It's a new to us desk and chair from our favourite antique 
shop in Todmorden, Yorkshire, Picture House Antiques.
This is where I am perched this week and going off at yet another tangent.

Triggered by this book I'm reading came a flood of childhood memories 
that saw me rapidly note making before I had even got out of bed.

Since then I've dug out lots of old family photo's, searched through
my basket of old books, found this 1923 autograph book I picked up
in a charity shop sometime ago and have started writing little stories in it 
working from my notes and adding pictures like this one of me with my younger
brother when we both had fang like teeth and the dentist removed them by gas.
Do you remember that horrible mask they put over your face. 
Mum said that I kicked the dentist hard in the shins.  I had my wellies on so I bet it hurt.

Look at the groovy wallpaper we had. It was yellow and green.

Now if you are sitting comfortably and tune into BBC1's
Money For Nothing programme at 3.45pm each day well tomorrow (Thursday)
you will see this chair.  It's ours.  Have a look to see how we came to own it and
what it looked like before its makeover.

For now though its time to head off to Julia's place to see what 
everyone has been doing at their desk over the last week.